About Us

Born from years of experience in the bodyboard industry, Stealth Swim fins aims on offering the best of its knowledge, experience, and feedback to everyone that loves comfort, quality, and performance in an affordable swim fin.

From this history of making performance fins, we came up with 3 main shapes for your favourite tastes and needs in the water.

The Original Stealth Fin was developed in 2001. While the shape has remained the same, the S1 has received a few upgrades over the years. Stealth Swim fins offer a combination of style, comfort, power, and efficiency which is why so many surfers and swimmers rely on these fins.

Later came the S2 designed in collaboration with our Pro bodyboarders feedback to bring the highest performance fins possible to the public.

The S4 was born of the greatest all-rounder combination of blade shape and foot pocket comfort. The Convexly curved blade makes it more compact and practical while maintaining power.